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RIDDLE – Imagine a world like this

You can find answer here. Just click link below if you cannot solve it. Imagine a world in which the colors of things have changed from what we consider normal…. Read more »

Riddle – What day it would be?

What day it would be?    What day would tomorrow be if yesterday was five days before the day after Sunday’s tomorrow?       Also Try: How Many Legs are… Read more »

Name the document which solely belongs to you – Riddle

Name the document which solely belongs to you   Riddle: Name the document which solely belongs to you but your signature on it makes the document invalid! Answer: Death Ceritificate

Which garage has car in it?

  Puzzle: Which garage has car in it?     Only one of the statements is true, the other two are false. Garage A – The car is in this garage…. Read more »

21 Best Tricky Riddles Questions And Answers

  Take on these tricky riddles to see if you can stand up to the challenge.  Here we have listed 21 tricky riddles with answers for you. We have pulled together… Read more »

Trapped room doors dragon sun glass riddle

 Trapped room doors dragon sun manifying glass riddle You are trapped in a room. There are two doors. If you go in one door, a dragon is going to breath… Read more »

Fruit Crime Animal Vowel Riddle

Fruit Crime Animal Vowel Riddle   This is a fruit. You cross off the first letter it is a crime. Cross of the second letter its an animal. Cross off… Read more »

Why is daughter happy?

Why is daughter happy?   Father goes to prison and the mother will have to sell her hotel, but their young daughter is happy. Why is this and what situation… Read more »

Are you genius Solve this brainteaser

Are you genius? Solve this brainteaser and check out. This problem can be solved by pre-school children in five to ten minutes, by programmers in an hour and by people… Read more »

Which clock is odd one out

Riddle-Which clock is odd one out?   Answer: