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Which box has car puzzle

Here is a simple but tricky puzzle, let’s see if you can find which box has car.

Which box has car puzzle

Which box has car puzzle

You are given the following statements, where only one can be true. Based on this information, in which box is the car?

A. The Car is in this box.

B. The car is not in this box.

C. Car is not in box 1(A).

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Hint: Assume a statement to be True and other 2 false and see how it works.

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Solution for find car in box puzzle:

As it is told, only one statement is true which means other 2 should be false, if you consider any one of these 3 statements to be true.

Scenario1: Let’s assume that statement A is true which means car should be in Box 1.

However, it will also mean that statement B will also become true since that says, car is not in Box B. which means, statement A cannot be True.

Scenario2: Now, let’s assume that statement B is true so, car cannot be in box B.

Since, statement B is true which means statement A should be false meaning car cannot be in box A as well.

Now statement C says, car is not in Box A, since this statement need to be false which means car should be in box A however, above we already confirmed that car cannot be in box A.

Scenario3: Let’s assume that statement C is true, which means car cannot be in box A. This makes statement A false since that claim that car is in box A. Since statement B should be false and it says car is not in box, it confirms that car is actually in box B.

Final Answer: Car is in Box B

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