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5 Best Riddles In Hindi Everyone loves solving riddles. Riddles provide a good exercise to our brain. Here are 5 best riddles in Hindi. Let us see if you solve all of these. If you are unable to solve any of riddle then, just scroll down to find the answer. Hindi Riddle # 1 लड़के […]

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Tricky riddles with answer in Hindi

  Try this tricky hindi riddles and see how of these can you answer. If you don’t know answer of some of these riddles then do scroll down at the end of page where you can find answer of these riddles. Keywords:  Hindi Riddles, Hindi tricky riddles, Hindi riddles and answer, Hindi riddles with answer, […]

Hindi Riddles Riddles

5 Best Hindi Paheli – Hindi Riddles

1. Bujho Bhaiya Ek Paheli Jab Kaato to Nai Naveli?   बूझो भैया एक पहेली, जब काटो तो नयी नवेली ? Answer: पेंसिल (Pencil) 2. Me Maru, Me Katu, Tum kyo Rote ho. Batao main kaun hoon? में मरू, में कटु, तुम क्यों रोते हो. बताओ में कौन हूँ? Answer: प्याज(Onion) 3. Bimar nahi rehti main […]