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10 Most Unusual Guinness World Records

There is no proof required that, this world is full of crazy people. However, there are some who can do anything to get their names added into Guinness World Records book. Here are some of weirdest world records set by some of crazy people around the world. Most toothpicks in a beard: 3,500 ( July […]

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10 pictures which will blow your mind

Brace yourself because the following optical illusions and perfectly timed photo shoots won’t fail to blow your mind! At first glance, you may think that, these pictures may have been Photo-shopped. But in actual fact what you’re seeing are nothing more than optical illusions. 10. Aliens are here 9. A way to nowhere 8. A […]


This Youtuber Has Brightened Up The Latest Episode Of Game Of Thrones And results are amazing

Most fans of Games of Thrones are complaining about the latest episode which is mostly filmed in dark. Either, you switch off all the lights and then watch the episode or you may miss many things. GOT fan Hivemind has not only brightened the screen but it also played the original version right next to […]