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Best Hindi Paheliya – Hindi Riddles and Answers

Best Hindi Paheliya – Hindi Riddles and Answers

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लड़के ने लड़की का नाम पूछा तो लड़की ने कहा 3-11211 ? लड़की का असली नाम क्या है.

A boy asked girl her name. Girl replied, 3-11211 . What is name of girl?


A boy asked a girl her name. She said 3-11-211. What is the girl’s name?

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Answer: It’s a Hindi name. आशा (Aasha).

It’s a hindi name. आशा (Aasha).

3–11 forms ‘Aa (आ)’ part and 211 is for ‘Sha (शा)’ part.


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