Logical Riddle: How Many Ties Should Jim Pick?



Jim keeps all his ties in a drawer.

He has 7 yellow, 10 blue, 9 red, 20 green and 3 purple colored ties.

He does not sort and keep them.

There is a power outage and Jim needs 2 ties of the same color.

Since he cannot see which color he is picking up from the drawer,

how many ties does Jim have to take to be sure that he has at least 2 ties of the same color?


Answer of this logical riddles:


Irrespective of the number of ties of each color, the answer would remain the same.

It actually depends on the number of colors.

In this riddle there are 5 colors that Jim has, namely yellow, blue, red, green and purple.

Even if he picks up different colors the first 5 times, the sixth tie that he pulls out will be one of the color that he has already pulled out.

So the answer is Jim will have to take out 6 ties in order to get at least 2 ties of the same color.



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