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Puzzle – What does this message say?

Puzzle – What does this message say?

Here are two puzzles. Let’ see if you can crack these messages.

Puzzle 1

What does this message say

What does this message say?

“G T Y O R J O T E O U I A B G T”


Hint: Count the letters and try splitting the letters up into groups.


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1) Count the number of characters in the code. Here we have 16: G T Y O R J O T E O U I A B G T.

2) Divide letters in 4 groups (4 *4)

G      T      Y       O
R      J       O       T
E      O      U        I
A      B      G       T

3) Start from the top left letter and read down, then start at the top of the next column and read down again, and so on. This has the message: “GREAT JOB YOU GOT IT”



Puzzle 2

Try cracking this message H U H U E D A P Y E T D W S


Hint: Use same technique as used in first puzzle


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Similar to first puzzle, here is answer of Puzzle 2


H    U    H     U
E     D    A     P
Y     E     T
D    W    S

and the answer is: “Hey Dude What’s Up”





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