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Find identical cats – Puzzle

Find identical cats – Puzzle

I published a similar puzzle earlier called Find hidden cat . There it was asked to find a cat hiding between owls. Here you are asked to find 2 identical cats out of these 9 cats. Let us see if you can find these cats. 

You can see nine almost same looking cats in the picture. However, they are not identical; only two of them are.






ANSWER: #2 and #4 are identical cats.

EXPLANATION: See the areas circled below. #2 and #4 are the only cats with all 8 areas matching.


Cat1 has no lining near bell on belt also back paw has difference.

Cat3 back paw is different.

Cat5 has different tail pattern.

Cat6 has difference in whisker.

Cat7’s left ear is missing linings.

Cat8’s right eye is different than others.

Cat9’s front paw pattern lines have more width.

Look closely Cat2 and Cat4. You won’t find any such difference in those two. These two cats are identically out of nine cats.


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