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How many different ways can you spell RADAR

Spell the word RADAR.
Start on any R.
Advance in any direction, forwards or backwards.
Follow the lines from letter to letter.
You can not skip letters.

How many different ways can you spell RADAR?

How many RADAR can you Spell





Answer: 80

Start with the R in the top left-hand corner.
Go to the A on the right.
Now go straight on to the D.
You can now complete the word in four ways, because there are four A’s available through which you may reach an R.

There are four ways of reading through the right-hand A.
There are the same number of ways through the A that is immediately below the starting point.
The total is now eight.

If you take the third route diagonally through the A, you will have the option of using any one of the three D’s,

You may now complete the word in four ways.
You can spell RADAR in twelve ways through the diagonal A.

Twelve plus eight equals twenty readings, that all start from the R in the top left-hand corner.

The four corners are equal so total ways would be 20 X 4 = 80 different ways

Four times twenty equals eighty different ways of spelling RADAR



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