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Best Math Tricks Ever

Best Math Tricks Ever

Cool Math Trick – Try 259 x (your age) x39

You will get a special number.

259 x your age x39

Magical Numbers:

259 X (Your Age) X 39 = ??

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I can tell Number – Guess any number and I will tell the answer

Cool Math number tricks

  1. Think of any number.
  2. Subtract 1 from the number you thought of
  3. Multiply that number to 3
  4. Add 12
  5. Divide the result by 3
  6. Add 5 to result
  7. Subtract the original number you thought of from result

Answer : 8



Cool Math Trick to tell Age:

You age? Just follow these steps:

  1. Multiple first number your age by 5
  2. Add 3 to the result
  3. Double the answer
  4. Add the second digit of age with the result
  5. Subtract6 from it

Now the result is your age.



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