How old is Eden?

3 brothers twin age old eden


Three brothers Kylan, Thor and Eden lives in Atlanta. 
The product of ages of these brothers is 175. 
Kylan and Thor are twins. 
How old is Eden?
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Kylan(K), Thor(T) and Eden(E)

Answer of this puzzles is – 7 Years

The product of ages of these brothers is 175 -> K*T*E = 175

Kylan and Thor are twins so -> K*K*E = 175 

175 has following subsets based on above condition:

1*1*175 (It is not possible as no person can be 175 years old)

So only other solution available is 5*5*7

Eden is 7 Years old. Other two brothers are 5 years old each.

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Eden Age Puzzle with Answer



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