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Tamara Score Math BrainTeaser

In a test there were 26 questions. Eight points were given for each correct answer and five points were deducted for each wrong
Tamara answered all questions and scored zero. Find the number of questions she had got correct?

Tamara Score Math BrainTeaser

Tamara Score Math BrainTeaser

Let’s see if you can solve and answer this brainteaser.

Hint: Wrong answers should be more than correct ones.

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Tamara Score Math BrainTeaser Answer

There are total 26 questions. Each correct answer will give Tamara 8 points and, each wrong one will give her -5 points.

Imagine she answered X correct answers and Y wrong answers. So, since there are 26 questions in total, our first equation would be:

X + Y = 26

Now, she scored zero so our next equation would be:

8X + (-5Y) = 0 8X – 5Y = 0

When you solve both equations, you will get

X = 10 and Y= 16

Tamara answered 10 correct and 16 wrong.

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