You’re A Psychopath If You Can Correctly Solve This Riddle

Internet is full of riddles, puzzles and brainteasers. You can find thousands of riddles everywhere. There are many riddles like if you are a genius or not or if you can find something hidden

However, I’ve recently come across an interesting one that you’ve probably never seen before: a riddle that can allegedly reveal whether or not you’re a psychopath.


Source: EHS Today

According to Psychology Today, a small number of the population, about 1% to be exact, are psychopaths, and while they may not be dangerous or appear anti-social, they do lack conscience and empathy.

Try answering this riddles and lets see if you are one of those Psychopaths.

While at her own mother’s funeral, a woman meets a guy she doesn’t know. She thinks this guy is amazing — her dream man — and is pretty sure he could be the love of her life. However, she never asked for his name or number and afterwards could not find anyone who knows who he was. A few days later the girl kills her own sister. Question: Why did she do it?

Did you come up with an answer?

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