Only a genius mind can solve this relationship puzzle. Can you?

Relationship puzzles are the ones where you are given indirect references and some clues about each relationship. Then, you are asked how someone is related to a given person. This kind of puzzles are always fun to solve and provides much needed brain exercise.

Here is another relationship puzzle, which will surely challenge you. Let’s see if you can answer it correctly.

If S is the brother of N, the sister of N is M, the brother of P is J and daughter of S is P then who is the uncle of J?

Tricky and Hard Relationship Puzzle

Relationship puzles and riddles

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On first look, this puzzle may look very very confusing however, when you break it down and try to solve it by connecting each person’s relation, you would find it really easy to solve.

Try to solve it. If you cannot solve it or having any doubt then, scroll down and check the answer.

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Answer: N is the uncle of both P and J.

This is how relationship look like as per given statements.

Let’s try to solve this puzzle step wise step and see how easy it was actually to solve:

S is the brother of N, the sister of N is M.
Which means S, N, and M are all siblings.

The brother of P is J and daughter of S is P.
Which means P and J are siblings and are the children of S.

The information has told us M is a woman (sister of N).

Therefore the only possible other male is N.



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