Relationship Riddle – How is M related to T?

Relationship riddles or puzzles are the ones where you are given relationship between some people and then, you are asked to find out relationship between asked persons using available clues. Here is one such riddle Relationship between me and Teresa??

Here is an another interesting relationship puzzle. Let’s see if you can find out the relationship between M and T.

How is M related to T?

Q’s mother is sister of P and daughter of M.
S is daughter of P and sister of T.
Then, how is M related to T?

Here are your options:

A. Aunt

B. Father

C. Uncle

D. Grandfather or Grandmother

E. None of these

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Answer of Relationship Riddle – How is M related to T?

D. Grandfather or Grandmother


S is the daughter of P and sister of T. So this means. T is also daughter of P.
Now, the sister of P is the daughter of M.
This means that P is also the daughter of M.
Clearly, T is the grand daughter of M.
So, M is the Grandfather or Grandmother of T.

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