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Only sharp eyes can find hidden cat in this picture. Can you?

Can you find the hidden cat in this picture? There is a cat hiding in this picture and it is very hard to find this cat. Only 1 out of 10 can find it on the first try. Are you one of those who can find it? Find hidden cat in this picture If you […]


What is special about this sentence?

It is always challenging to solve puzzles and brainteaser. There are many challenging brainteasers like, Basket of eggs brainteaser . People who love solving riddles should try these 50 Short but tricky riddles which are hard to answer . Here is one simple sentence. It may seem an usual sentence with nothing special about it. […]

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Simple Brain Teaser

Q: What Occurs twice in a week, Once in a year but never in a day?     Answer: It is vowel E which comes twice in word week, once in year and never in day.