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Whatsapp Fun – Funny Riddles for friends

Funny Whatsapp Riddles  Want to have some fun with your friends then share these riddle.   Also Try: Puzzle- Which tank will be full first   Q. Why are televisions attracted to people? A. Because, people turn them on. Q. When does a British potato changes its nationality? A. When it becomes french fries. Q. What does […]

Math Puzzles

Puzzle of the day

Can you solve this puzzle? It is simple but tricky puzzle. Share it with your friends and see if they do it. 5 Friends were eating apples. A finished eating apple before B, but behind C. D finished before E, but behind B. What was the finishing order? See Answer Here   Keywords: Math Puzzles, […]

Cool Brainteasers

5 cool brainteasers for students

1. The day before yesterday, Johnny was 6 years old. Next year, he’ll turn 9. How is this possible?   Answer: Johnny’s birthday is on December 31st. Today is January 1st. Yesterday, December 31, was Johnny’s 7th birthday. On December 30, he was still Six. This year he will turn 8, and next year he will turn nine […]