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Clock Table Penguin Brainteaser Puzzle

Clock Table Penguin Brainteaser Puzzle is like solving math equations. You are given a picture puzzle which has items like clock, table, and a Penguin. You need to figure out what would be answer of last equation. Let’s see if you can solve this.

Clock Table Penguin Brainteaser Puzzle

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Answer: 30


Equation1: All 3 clocks are showing 9 so all 3 are same
Clock + Clock + Clock = 27
Clock = 27  / 3 = 9 

Equation2: There are 2 tables which look wise are exactly same so
9 + Table + Table = 17
2 Table = 17 – 9
Table = 4

Equation3: Penguins look same and we have a table similar to one in equation2 so
Penguin + Penguin + Table = 24
2 Penguin = 24 – 4
Penguin = 10

Equation4: Here, the Clock = 6 as the time is 6 ; Penguin = 7 as there are only 7 dots in the body of penguin in this equation & the penguin is holding a leg of the table = 1; Table = 3 as the table has only 3 legs in this equation

6 + (7 + 1) x 3   

Applying BODMAS rule;

=> 6 + (8 x 3)

=> 6 + 24

=> 30

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