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Egg Puzzle

How is it Possible?

Recently, an egg puzzle which was pretty tricky and hard went viral. People came with different answers. It was expected that not all would be able to answer it.

This time, we have come up with a simple but still tricky egg puzzle. Let’s see if you can answer it.

Egg Puzzle and Brainteasers

A man ate an egg each day.
He did not have any chickens at home.
He never bought, borrowed or stole chicken eggs.

Question: How is this possible ?

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Egg Puzzle Answer
Did you find it tricky? You may have the correct answer already but still you can make sure that it is correct. Here is the answer for this puzzle.

He didn’t buy Chicken eggs or eat it. He ate ostrich, goose, quail, etc. eggs.

Read the puzzle again, it is only saying that he didn’t buy chicken eggs or eat it. It is not said that he cannot eat other eggs 🙂



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