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How many hens eggs puzzle

Puzzles are good way to kill some free time and also, give some exercise to human brain. Earlier, we published a puzzles How Many Legs are in the Palace which got many views and also went viral on our social media page.

Here is another similar puzzle. Let’s see if you can answer is correctly.

If 3 Hens lay 3 Eggs in 3 Days. Then, How many Eggs do 12 Hens give in 12 Days?

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Some people find these type of puzzles easy then, there are some people who find these puzzles tricky. Just use a little math and you will get the answer. If you are still not able to solve it then, we have published the answer on this page. Just scroll a little to find the answer.

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Just Scroll Down a little to Find the Answer

Answer: The answer is 48 eggs.


If 3 Hens lay 3 Eggs in 3 Days.

Means 1 Hen lays 1 Egg in 3 Day

Which means 1 Hen lays 4 Eggs in 12 days

Multiplying 4 Eggs with 12 (number of total Hens) will give the answer as 48 Eggs.

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