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Hourglass puzzle to measure 9 minutes

Puzzles, riddles or brainteasers are always fun to solve. If you are bored then riddles like What was the neighbor’s solution to divide cows? or Tortoise Cat Table – How Tall is The Table? would help you feel good.

Here is another puzzle where you are given two hourglasses. One hourglass can measure 7 minutes and other one can measure 4 minutes, you have to measure 9 minutes using these 2 hourglasses.

It would be really interesting to solve this puzzle. Let’s see if you can solve it, if not then scroll down to find the answer.

There are 2 hourglasses in front of you. One hourglass measures 7 minutes, while other measures 4 minutes.

How do you time 9 minutes by just using these 2 hourglasses?

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HourGlass Puzzle Answer:

  1. 0 minutes: Start both hourglasses at the same time.
  2. 4 minutes: 4 minutes hourglass runs out and flip it. While 7 minutes hourglass is left with 3 minutes.
  3. 7 minutes: 4 minutes hourglass is left with 1 minute. 7 minutes hourglass runs out and flip it.
  4. 8 minutes: 4 minutes hourglass runs out and 7 is filled with 6 minutes and 1 minute on the other side. Flip it as the sand is left with 1 minute.
  5. 9 minutes: 7 minutes hourglass becomes empty from above side.

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