If you think Finding hidden butterfly in this beautiful picture was easy then, here is an another interesting brainteaser. In this brainteaser, you are suppose to find out the height of table.

You are given two heights and using these heights, you should figure out, How Tall is The Table?

How Tall is The Table?

Let’s see if you can figure out the height of table.

As seen in this picture, two combination of heights are given, one is 40 Inch and other one is 30 Inch. Now, try to solve this brainteaser.

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Answer – Tortoise Cat Table – How Tall is The Table?
35 Inches


Equation 1: Cat + Table – Tortoise = 40 Inch

Equation 2: Table + Tortoise – Cat = 30 Inch

Add Equation 1 and Equation 2
Cat + Table – Tortoise + Table + Tortoise – Cat = 40 Inch + 30 Inch
2 Table = 70 Inch
Table = 35 Inch

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