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Puzzle – Who Killed Anna?

Puzzle – Who Killed Anna?




Who Killed Anna?  

Police found a number on Anna’s mobile dial screen which uses T9 dial pad. Number was 64445533. Police cracked down this number and arrested killer.

Can you crack this number and find out name of killer?


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Once you have cracked this number then scroll down and match your answer with what we have published here.


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Answer: Mike


When letters are typed using  T9 dial pad, you need to press a number which has letters. Like number 2 has letters ABC. If number 2 is pressed once that means letter A, if number 2 is pressed twice that means letter B, similarly if number 3 is pressed 3 times which means letter C.

Police found number 64445533

Number 6 means  – letter M

Number 4 was pressed 3 times which means – letter I

Number 5 was pressed 2 times which means – letter K

Number 3 was pressed 2 times which means – letter E

So the killer name is MIKE


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