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Who’s Telling the Truth?


Who’s Telling the Truth?


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It is known only one character is telling the truth.
Mr. April says that Mr. May tells lies.
Mr. May says that Mr. June tells lies.
Mr. June says that both Mr. April and Mr. May tell lies.
Who is telling the truth?


Hint: Consider whether each character in turn is telling the truth; you will end up with only one possible solution.


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Mr. May is telling the truth.

Mr. April lies when he says that Mr. May is lying. Mr. May is telling the truth when he says that Mr. June is lying. Mr. June is lying when he says both Mr. April and Mr. May are lying since one is telling the truth.




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If you consider that Mr. June is telling truth that means other 2 are also saying truth so all 3 would be saying truth but riddle says only 1 is saying truth which means June will always be lying. He says both of other lies which is lie as one of those is saying truth. Now, only question remains is which one.

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