What day it would be? 

What day would tomorrow be if yesterday was five days before the day after Sunday’s tomorrow?

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What day it would be puzzle answer


Correct Answer : Saturday

Let’s break the question in this way from bottom to top.




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  1. I maybe wrong here, but I’m pretty sure the answer is incorrect (I will happily accept if I made a mistake).
    One has forgotten to account for the day it is, and thus is acting as if one cannot be placed within a day. For example, imagine 3 tiles, all lined up, and you were placed in the centre one. 1 backwards, and 1 forwards, of the perspective of being on the tile, “forwards” and “backwards” cannot be placed next to each other, because they have to be separated by a tile, in order to be called “forwards” and backwards”, otherwise you are not placed on a tile.
    At least, this is from my understanding.

    So, I make the answer to be:

    1) Sunday’s tomorrow = Monday

    2) The day after Monday = Tuesday

    3) Five days before Tuesday = Thursday

    4) Yesterday is Thursday, making today Friday
    (Also put as: Tomorrow of Thursday = Friday)

    5) Tomorrow of Friday (or today), is Saturday
    (Also put as: Tomorrow of Friday = Saturday)

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