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How old is Tom’s Granny Puzzle With Answer

How old is Tom’s Granny?    Tom asked his Granny how old she was. Rather than giving him a straight answer, she replied: “I have 6 children, and there are… Read more »

what is special about this number?

What is special about this number? There is something special about number 8,549,176,320 . Can you find out what is that?   You can solve it, just try a little… Read more »

How many kids?

Can you solve this brainteaser? Brainteaser : How many kids are in the class? 14 of the kids in the class are girls. 8 of the kids wear blue shirts…. Read more »

Guess the animal name?

Can you guess the animal name?   Is it easy just try connecting the dots and you will get animal name.   If you’re still not able to guess the… Read more »

Easy Math Brainteaser

Easy Math Brainteaser   Can you solve this math brainteaser? If some of triangle and square is 6, And 6 times of square is equal to triangle square then what… Read more »

Books on Shelf – Brainteaser

Books on Shelf – Brainteaser   There are serval books on a bookshelf. If one book is the 4th from left and 6th from the right,  how many books are… Read more »

How many times in 10 seconds?

How many times will it chime in 10 seconds?   A clock chimes 5 times in 4 seconds. How many times it chime in 10 seconds?   Scroll down to… Read more »

How many crows left on wire?

  Riddle – How many crows left on wire? There are 50 crows on a wire, a hunter shoots and kills three. How many are there left on the wire?… Read more »

Riddle – Chess game

How is it possible? Two men are playing chess. They play five games. Each man wins three. How? You can find answer here. Just click this link. Answer:

Brainteaser – Cost of War

Cost of War A group of 100 soldiers suffered the following injuries in a battle: 70 soldiers lost an eye, 75 lost an ear, 85 lost a leg, and 80… Read more »