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Find The Killer In Shop – Puzzle

In this puzzle, you are shown a picture of a murder scene. There are some hidden clues in there. You are investigating to find the killer.

Based on the clues in the picture below, can you find the killer? 


Try looking for any clue you can find and then nab the culprit. Let’s see if you can find the actual killer here.


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Answer & Explanation:


The man with the cast.

There are 3 reasons to which makes this person most likely this killer.

Reason-1: The blood strain is on the left side of the dead man which means the killer is most likely a left-handed. The cashier and man with the cashier are both right-handed and other man has cast on right hand .

Reason-2: Why will a man with the cast go for buying shirts/coat? It Seems suspicious.

Reason-3: The man with the cast must be carrying the weapon inside the cast.

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answer is the guy at the cash counter. As you can se he is paying for something he purchased, he must have tried it on right?
So he went inside to try it and killed him there and is now in a hurry to leave the place.

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