How much distance each tire cover – puzzle

Here is a new puzzle where you would be required to use some of math you learned in school with a little imagination of driving this car 🙂

A driver of a car wants to cover a total distance of 1000 KM. Apart from the 4 tires of the car, he has also in his disposal a spare tire. If he wants to use equally all the tires of the car, how much distance each tire should cover?

How much distance each tyre cover - puzzle

Let’s see if you answer it correctly. Just scroll down if you are not sure about the correct answer or if you want to check answer.

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Answer : 800 KM

Explanation :
Let Tire numbers be 1,2,3,4,5
1) Use Tire 1234 for 0-200 km
2) Use Tire 1235 for 200-400 km
3) Use Tire 1254 for 400-600 km
4) Use Tire 1534 for 600-800 km
5) Use Tire 5234 for 800-1,000 km

As you may have noticed, each Tire is used 4 times so total of 200×4 = 800 KM
As we can see each Tire gets to run 800 km



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