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95% People Fail To Find All 3 Hidden Butterflies In This Picture

Here is another puzzle where you need to find 3 hidden butterflies. This is hard puzzle where you will need a lot of focus to find all 3 hidden butterflies.

This puzzle is going to test your eye sight and it would be test for your concentration level.

Let’s see if you can find all 3 butterflies which, I have hidden in this picture. You will find it hard to see as color of butterflies blend into other colorful birds and flowers. Spend some time and try to find all 3 butterflies.

find all 3 hidden butterflies

About 95% people can find 1 butterfly in this picture very easily. There is chance that 60-75% people will find 2 butterflies. There is only 5% chances that all 3 hidden butterflies can be found.

I had published another similar puzzle where, it was asked to Find hidden butterfly in a beautiful picture . That puzzle was also equally interesting and very engaging. I had added a small poll in puzzle post to see how difficult or easy that puzzle was. As per poll result, 75% people either agreed that it was challenging puzzle or they could not find the butterfly.

If you cannot find all 3 hidden butterflies then, scroll down and check the answer.

Once you are done looking for butterflies then, let us know what do you think about this puzzle:

Did You Catch The Hidden Butterfly?

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Answer for hidden butterflies puzzle:

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