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Can You Spot The Sniper?

Can You Spot The Sniper?

The job description of a sniper is to hide in plain sight and wait actively for the intended target. A sniper needs to adapt well with the surrounding which makes him/her almost invisible.

Here a pic of sniper who is hiding in this surrounding. Can you spot the hidden sniper who has adapted well to himself with surrounding? 

Try it and see if you can spot him. He is there with a gun aiming right at you.


It’s hard to find him but you can find him if you concentrate a little bit more. Try as hard as you can and if you still you cannot find him then scroll down and you can find the answer.

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There is answer with highlighting only sniper hidden in this surrounding. Just scroll down and find the answer.

>>>>>> ANSWER >>> SCROLL DOWN >>>>>>>

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>>>>>> ANSWER >>> SCROLL DOWN >>>>>>>

>>>>>> ANSWER >>> SCROLL DOWN >>>>>>>

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>>>>>> ANSWER >>> SCROLL DOWN >>>>>>>

Here is answer:


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hidden sniper puzzle
find hidden sniper puzzle with answer
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