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Puzzle – How many square are there?

Puzzle – How many square are there?


Can you count number of squares in below pic?





Try to count squares and then match your answer with the one given below in this post. 



Scroll down to found out if your answer is correct.






Answer: 30

How to solve this type of puzzles without actually counting square?

You can use following formula to find out number of squares in a given puzzle.

If a puzzle has an n*n matrix of square (like above pic has 4×4). Then following formula will give correct answer.

n*(n+1)*(2n+1) / 6

So in our case we have n=4

4*(4+1)*(8+1) /6 = 30

if n was =3 then answer would have been 3*(3+1)*(6+1)/6=14

if n = 2 => 2*(2+1)*(4+1)/6=5




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