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Basket of eggs Puzzle

Basket of eggs Puzzle Here is another brainteaser to test your brain. Solving it will give a good exercise to brain. Basket of EggsA man is walking down a road with a basket of eggs. As he is walking he meets someone who buys one-half of his eggs plus one-half of an egg. He walks […]

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Math puzzles are always my favorite. Whenever, I have some free time, I like solving some tricky math puzzles. These puzzles are not only good time pass but also provides human brain a good exercise it needs to solve daily problems in our life. Earlier, we published fun math puzzles like Fun Horse Shoe Math […]

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Fun Horse Shoe Math Puzzle

Fun Horse Shoe Math Puzzle Math puzzles are always fun to solve. Whenever, you have some free time, you can solve some math puzzles. Earlier, I published Cookie Banana Clock Puzzle which went viral on social media. Here is another puzzle, let’s see if you can solve it. Also Try: Guess the Superheroes names Once […]

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Puzzle – How many square are there?

Puzzle – How many square are there?   Can you count number of squares in below pic?       Try to count squares and then match your answer with the one given below in this post.      Scroll down to found out if your answer is correct.           Answer: 30 […]

Cool Brainteasers Math Puzzles Whatsapp Puzzles

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Math Puzzle: Test you brain and solve it. Birthday Puzzle:

Math Puzzles

Solve these Math Brainteasers

Are you good in math? Try these math puzzle see if you can solve these. 1. If 1 + 1 = 5 2 + 2 =20 3 + 3  = 45 then 4 + 4 = ?   2. When you go to a store to buy 100 chocolates, you are given offer to hand […]

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John has the same number of brothers as sisters. His sister, Lilee, has twice as many brothers as she has sisters. How many boys and girls are in the family? Answer: 7 (4 Boys and 3 Girls) What letter is next in this sequence? O, T, T, F, F, S, S, E, __   Answer: N […]