Hannah Cookies riddle with answer

Hannah Cooies riddle with answer

Hannah bakes some cookies.

She gives half of them to her friend.

Then she drops half of the cookies that she had left.

Now she only had six cookies.

How many did she have to start with?

Can you answer this riddle? A 5th grade student can solve this riddle withing 3 minutes. Can you solve same within 3 minutes? Try it out and see if you can do better than a 5th grade student 🙂

Hint: Start with X number.

If you are still struggling to solve this riddle then scroll down to find the answer.

Answer of Riddle Hannah’s Cookies problem:

Answer is – 24



Imagine she had X cookies to start with.

She gave half of cookies to her friend so she is now left with X/2

She dropped half of cookies so she is left with (X/2)/2= X/4 

As given she had only 6 left so X/4 = 6

so X = 6*4 = 24



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