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Can YOU spot the one sleeping baby?

It is another puzzle to send the internet into a tizzy. There are many babies which are wide awake, but can you find that one baby who is asleep?

It was created by in around 2017. This puzzle is another of those hard ones where people come up with their own answer.

Here is the picture where a baby is sleeping. Let’s see if you can find the correct answer.

Can YOU spot the one sleeping baby?

Can YOU spot the one sleeping baby?

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Around 60% of people who answered this puzzle got the wrong baby. There may be few babies which look like sleeping, though when you look closely then, you would find that some of them are smiling at you and do not look like actually sleeping. There is one baby who is in deep sleep, try to find that baby. Just scroll down to find the answer.

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Answer: Baby is sleeping near top right

Find sleeping baby in pic



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