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Solve the logical math puzzle

Here is an another logical math puzzle to solve. Let’s see if you can find the answer.

Solve the Logical Math Puzzle?

For $ 1, You get 40 Strawberries
For $ 3, You get 1 Mango
For $ 5, You get 1 Apple
Now you want to get 100 fruits for $100

How many Strawberries, Mangoes and Apples you will buy?

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Strawberries 80 , Mango 1 , Apple 19


You need to buy total 100 fruits so one equation would be, X + Y + Z = 100

As you need to buy 100 quantity and Strawberry is cheap so maximum we can buy is 80 so you don’t exceed quantity 100.

So new equation would be 80 + Y + Z = 100. –> Y + Z = 20

Another equation would be price so 1(X/40) + 3Y + 5Z = 100

we already know X as 80 so new equation would be 3Y + 5 Z = 98

If so solve Equation 1 and 2, You’ll get Y=1 and Z = 19

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