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Tricky and Hard Math Brainteaser For Genius People

Math brainteasers are always fun to solve. If you love mathematics then, you shall find it interesting to solve this brainteaser.

Here is a brainteaser which would really challenge you. This is little tricky to solve so take your time and try you best. Let’s see if you can solve it correctly.

In an examination, a student was asked to find 3/14 of a certain number. By mistake, he found 3/4 of it. His answer was 10 more than the correct answer. What is the given number?

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Once you have tried your best and ready with an answer then, scroll down to find the answer with explanation.



Let’s assume given number is X.
So 3/14 of this number would be (3/14)X which should have been correct answer.
By mistake, he found 3/4 of given number. His answer was 10 more than the correct answer.
So new equation would be (3/4)X= (3/14)X + 10
Now solve this new equation for X which would be



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