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Twelve six six three ten password riddle

Riddles are always fun to solve and password riddles are the best ones. There were many puzzle like Crack the Code which went viral on social media websites.

Here is another riddle where you have to find the password to enter the club. Let’s see if you can answer it and enter the club to enjoy your evening 🙂

Scroll down to find the answer.

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Twelve six six three ten password riddle

Matt wants to enter into a private club but the entry requires a password he doesn’t know. So, he waits nearby and listens to the all conversations happening around him.
As a club member comes to the door, the security officer says, “Twelve”. She replies, “Six” and gets in.
Another member comes to the door. The security officer says, “Six” and the man replies, “Three” and gets in.
Matt thinks that he understands the pattern and walks up to the door. The security officer says, “Ten” and Matt replies, “Five” but the security guard doesn’t let him in.
What’s the password?

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Twelve six six three ten password riddle Answer

One answer for riddle would be “Five” if the pattern was half of number security officer gives but that is wrong answer which means this is not a pattern used as password to enter the club.

Answer of this riddle is “Three”. The security officer lets in those who answer with the number of letters in the word the officer says. So pattern of password is “number of letters in the number officer says”.



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