Are you genius enough to solve this egg puzzle?

Egg Puzzles are fun to solve, puzzle like Basket of eggs will make you think hard and provide your brain much needed exercise.

Here is another egg puzzle. Let’s see if you can solve this simple but tricky puzzle.

There are 3 eggs in the fridge and 2 on the table.
Mum brings a dozen eggs from the supermarket and than fries 4 of those eggs in the pan. She eats one.
Dad decides to drop by into the kitchen. He eats one of the fried eggs.
How many eggs are left?

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Answer: 15 Eggs


3 eggs in fridge + 2 eggs on table = 5 eggs; + 12 eggs from mum = 17 eggs
She fries 4 eggs; 17 eggs still remaining
Mum eats 1 egg; 17-1 eaten = 16 remaining
Dad eats 1 egg; 16-1 eaten = 15 remaining
15 eggs remaining (13 in the shell and 2 fried)



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