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Q. बाप ने बेटी को 1 गिफ्ट दिया और कहा भूख लगे तो खा लेना..
प्यास लगे तो पी लेना और ठंड लगे तो जला लेना..
ये गिफ्ट क्या है?

Ye gift kya hai?

Baap ne beti ko 1 gift diya aur kaha, bhukh lage to kha lena…

Pyas lage to pi lena aur thand lage to jala lena..

Ye gift kya hai?

A. नारियल (Nariyal)


Q. Father gave a gift to his daughter and said,

If you are hungry eat it, if you thirsty drink it,

If you are feeling cold then burn it.

What is this gift?

A. Coconut ( If you are hungry eat coconut, if you thirsty you can drink coconut water and if you are feeling cold, you can burn it)



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