Riddle – What am I

  Riddles solving is a very good way to spend some free time. We earlier published 21 Best Tricky Riddles with Answers . Here is another riddle. Lets see if you solve this one. Riddle – What am I?      It is in a rock but not in stone, It is in marrow but not in […]

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Puzzle- Which tank will be full first

Puzzle- Which tank will be full first We published similar Viral Puzzle – Which glass gets full first? . 95% people answered is wrongly. Now we have one more puzzle for you to solve. Can you find out which tank  will be full first?   Just look closely, you would be able to find out the […]

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Fun math brainteaser

Fun Math Brainteaser Earlier, I published Viral Puzzle – Which glass gets full first? on our Facebook page. It went instant viral, 80% answers on this puzzle were wrong. I have another tricky math puzzle for you. You will enjoy solving this fun math brainteaser.  Let’s see if you can find the correct answer. Also Try: Cookie […]