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Fun math brainteaser

Fun Math Brainteaser

Earlier, I published Viral Puzzle – Which glass gets full first? on our Facebook page. It went instant viral, 80% answers on this puzzle were wrong. I have another tricky math puzzle for you. You will enjoy solving this fun math brainteaser.

 Let’s see if you can find the correct answer.

Fun math brainteaser

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Once you have solved this puzzle then scroll down to find correct answer. Match your answer and see if you have solved it correctly 🙂


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Answer: 99


(3*2) + 1 = 7

(5*4) + 3 = 23

(7*6) + 5 = 47

(9*8) + 7 = 79

(10*9) + 9 = 99


There is one more pattern for this puzzle and with that pattern answer would be 98.

(3*2) + 2 – 1 = 7

(5*4) + 4 – 1 = 23

(7*6) + 6 – 1 = 47

(9*8) + 8 – 1 = 79

(10*9) + 9 – 1 = 98


Make use of comment section if you think answer should be something else then what I have published here. Please like our Facebook Page for more such puzzles and brainteasers.


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By Kumar

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3 replies on “Fun math brainteaser”

Hi Kumar

I think the answer is 98; not 99.
Ie 10×9 + (9-1)

This formula fits all lines. There is a disruption to the pattern between the last two lines.

Your method would be correct if the last line was continuing the pattern (ie: was 11 x 10 instead of 10 x 9)

Have a great day

Thank You Nancy. I will add your answer also in this post 🙂 . I think answer can be both 98 or 99.

The answer to both is 99. The puzzle done the first way only uses odd numbers when adding….(3×2)+1=7 next adds the number 3, then 5, 7, and 9. The puzzle done the second way only uses even numbers when adding, then minuses the number 1…. (3×2)+2-1=7 so next adds the number 4, then 6, 8 making the last number to add 10. (10×9) staying with your formula, the answer is always 99.

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