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How much distance each tire cover – puzzle

Here is a new puzzle where you would be required to use some of math you learned in school with a little imagination of driving this car 🙂 A driver of a car wants to cover a total distance of 1000 KM. Apart from the 4 tires of the car, he has also in his […]

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Puzzle – Who is A’s girlfriend?

SOLVE THIS PUZZLE Four young-men A,B,C,D are friendly with four girls E,M,S and L. E and S are friends. C’s girlfriend does not like E and S. M does not care for C. B’s girlfriend is friendly with E. E does not like A. Who is A’s girlfriend? Also Try: Viral Puzzle – Crack This Code […]

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How many Cows and Ducks?

How many Cows and Ducks? Farmer Freddy keeps his cows and ducks in the barn . If there are 13 animals in the barn and altogether they have 34 legs, how many cows and how many ducks does he have?     Try to solve it. If you cannot then scroll down to find the […]