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8 Poison Pills Riddle Answer

8 Poison Pills Riddle and Answer

 There are 8 pills. They are all of the same size and color. One pill weighs slightly more and is poisonous. You have a balanced scale and can only use it twice. How can you find the poisonous pill?



Try solving this riddle. It is very easy riddle, you just need to put little pressure on your brain to solve it. A fifth grade student can solve this riddle in 2 minutes. Let’s see how much time does it take you to solve this riddle. If you cannot solve this riddle then,  scroll down to find answer.



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8 Poison Pills Riddle Answer


 Put 3 pills on each side of scale.
If equal, put remaining 2,1 which is more in weight is poisonous pill. If not equal take 3 pills which have more in weight and put 1,1 – which one more in weight is poisonous pill, if both are equal reminder one is poisonous pill.


If you thought, this riddle was easy then why not try Cracking this code . I am sure this would be a challenge for you to solve it.

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