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Blind man green and blue pills puzzle

A blind man needs to take one blue pull and one green pill, but accidentally mixes together the last two blue pills and two green pills.

How can he take the right amount of each pill?

Blind man green and blue pills puzzle

Blind man green blue pills riddle

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Can you help blind man figure out so he can take the correct pills?

Solving these types of puzzles/brain teasers help in improving your intelligence quotient(IQ). Many studies show that people with IQ above 120 can solve these types of puzzles within 2 minutes. 

Try solving this and prove that you have an IQ greater than 120. If you cannot solve it then, check the answer below.

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Blind man green and blue pills puzzle answer

There are 2 pills each with blue and green color. Blind man needs to take one blue and one green pill.

He takes one pill and breaks it in half. He takes half and leaves the other.

Similarly he does the same with 3 other pills. By doing this, he takes one blue and one green pill.

blue green pill puzzle

When he takes half a pill from each of these 4 pills, it will mean like he is taking 2 pills.

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