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Find 4 digit number brain teaser

Here is a simple but tricky brain teaser. You are given some hints and you have to guess the number I am thinking using these hints.

Let’s see if you can guess the correct number.

Find 4 digit number

I’m thinking of a 4-digit number with all distinct digits.
Each of the following has one and only one correct digit
in the correct position:


What is my number?

You are given 6 numbers which include the one correct digit with the correct position. Now, find the number.

Hint: Look for duplicate digits in combinations since you need to find 4 digits but given 6 numbers.

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Find 4 digit number brain teaser Answer:



Since we are given 6 numbers however only 4 digits need to be found which means, 2 numbers will have duplicate digits with correct position. Here are highlighted digits which match this.


So now we have 2 digits with their positions so lets assume number to be: x32y

We are left with 2 numbers in which we need to find 2 digits, one from each.

1191 –> from this , we know that number cannot be 9, since 9306 had number 9 and as per statement only one digit should be correct and we already know that it was 3.
Which leaves us with digit to be as 1 however as of now we don’t know if it would be first or at 4th position.

4882 –> 6358 and 6728 tells that digit cannot be 8.
It cannot be 2 as it is already there in other combo which leaves digit 4 at first position.
It also tells that digit 1 from above number(1191) should be at fourth position.

So now we have number as 4321

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