Which glass gets full first?


Can you answer this viral puzzle? Which glass would get filled with beer first? Just concentrate and look for the beer flowing through connected glass. I am sure you would be able to answer this puzzle. I have tried to solve this and answer is published at the end of page. If you cannot solve it then check the answer. If you think answer should be something else, then use comment section to let us know your answer.



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Answer is Glass 3 will get filled first.



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6 Replies to “Viral Puzzle – Which glass gets full first?”

  1. Assuming that the bottle is open, the first glass will fill first and then the liquid will trikle down other glasses.

  2. Due to the dimensions of the bottle and the glass (I would say that in the event that the bottle is open) there would be no glass to be filled and the liquid would run out before any glass was filled.

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