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How Many Tigers Are In This Image?

How Many Tiger Faces Are In This Image?

This picture has gone viral on social media and no-one is agreeing on tiger faces count in this pic. Every-one has their own count. You can also try to find all faces 🙂


Everyone will agree with four tigers in front. But there are more than these four.

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Hint: look closely at the ground, sky and foliage. 

The image was created by photographer, Steve Read, and is available to buy on Fine Art America.

Keep trying to find all hidden tiger faces in above pic.

Once you have your faces count ready then match your answer with the one we have published at the end of this post. Let us see if you found all hidden tiger faces.

We have answer ready for you, just scroll down a little and you can find answer.

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Puzzles – Find Hidden Tiger Faces Answer

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Answer is 16 and here are all hidden tigers circled in below pic.


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