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Fun Horse Shoe Math Puzzle

Fun Horse Shoe Math Puzzle

Math puzzles are always fun to solve. Whenever, you have some free time, you can solve some math puzzles. Earlier, I published
Cookie Banana Clock Puzzle which went viral on social media. Here is another puzzle, let’s see if you can solve it.

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Once you have solved this puzzle then, scroll down and match you answer with the one published here.

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Fun Horse Shoe Math Puzzle Answer

Lets name the items in puzzle first.
Horse = H
Horse Shoe = HS
Shoe = S

H + H + H = 30 ==> 3H = 30 ==> Horse(H) = 10

H + 2(HS) + 2 (HS) = 18 ==> 10 + 4(HS) = 18 ==> Horse Shoe(HS) = 2

2(HS) – 2(S) = 2 ==> 2(2) – 2(S) = 2 ==> Shoe(S) = 1

S + H X HS = ?? ==> 1 + 10 X 2 = 21

So Answer is 21

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