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5 best tricky riddles

Here are some of tricky riddles you can ask your friends and family members.

Let’s see if they can answer these correctly.

1. What is always coming, present and moving?

I am always coming, never arriving.
I am always present, never here.
I am always moving, never changing.
I have no voice, yet you can always hear me.

What am I?


2. What does Speak without speaking hear without ears?

I speak without speaking, and hear without ears.
I have no body, yet I bring both laughter and tears.

What am I?

A Story

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3. What has an eye but cannot see, a face, tell the time?

I have an eye, but cannot see.
I have a face, but cannot feel.
I tell the time, but have no voice.
I have hands, but cannot hold.

What am I?

A Clock


  • Has an eye, but cannot see and Has a face, but cannot feel: A clock has a face with an “eye” (usually the hour hand) but it doesn’t have the ability to see like a human eye or feel.
  • Tells the time, but has no voice: A clock displays the time through the position of its hands or digits. Usually clock doesn’t have own voice though speakers can be used to announce time.
  • Has hands, but cannot hold: The clock has hands that point to the time, but they lack the physical ability to grasp or hold anything.

4. What has keys, space, shift and tells stories?

I have keys, but open no doors.
I have space, but hold no floors.
I have a shift, but never stand.
I tell stories, but have no hand.

What am I?



While first 3 keys, space and shift is self explanatory as you can find all these on keyboard, last line where it tells stories, but have no hand means text typed on a keyboard can be used to create stories, but the keyboard itself lacks a physical hand that can write or point.

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5. What is invisible, no voice and no life but make you feel presence, roar or travel the world?

I am light as a feather, yet the strongest person cannot hold me for five minutes.
I am invisible, yet you can feel my presence on a windy day.
I have no voice, yet I can roar like a lion.
I have no life, yet I can travel the world.

What am I?



  • Light as a feather, yet the strongest person cannot hold it for five minutes: No matter how strong a person is, they wouldn’t be able to physically hold their breath(air) for longer.
  • Invisible, yet you can feel its presence on a windy day: Air cannot be directly seen, but we can feel it when it is windy.
  • Has no voice, yet can roar like a lion: While air itself has no voice, its movement can create powerful sounds.
  • Has no life, yet it can travel the world: Air is a non-living component of the atmosphere and can travel with speed as high as 300- 400km/hr.

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