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Can you figure out who drinks what and lives where

There are five houses arranged in a line. Each house is a different colour: red, green, blue, yellow, and white. Each resident of the house drinks a different beverage: tea, coffee, milk, orange juice, and soda. However, here are some clues:

  1. The person who drinks coffee lives in the red house.
  2. The person who drinks milk doesn’t live in the green or white house.
  3. The person who lives in the blue house drinks orange juice.
  4. The person who lives in the yellow house doesn’t drink soda.
  5. The person who drinks soda doesn’t like green colour.

Can you figure out who drinks what and lives where?

This brainteaser require some clear thinking and logic to solve. Let’s see if you can do it.

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Hint: To solve this brainteaser, start with fixed clues where you already know who lives where and then use clues where you can eliminate person who won’t live in specific coloured houses.

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Answer and Explanation:

  1. Start with the fixed clues:
    • Coffee – Red house
    • Orange juice – Blue house
    • Soda – Not yellow house

Now, we already know 2 persons and houses they live in. Now, lets use elimination method.

2. Eliminate possibilities:

  • Milk can’t be in green or white, so it must be either blue, yellow or red.
  • While Red and Blue are already taken, this leave only Yellow house for person who drinks Milk.

3. Use remaining clues:

Since person who like soda, doesn’t like green color which means, he will surely not colour his house green. So he must be staying in white colour house.

This leaves only one person who drinks tea and only one house with colour green.


So now we can conclude:

  • Coffee – Red house
  • Orange juice – Blue house
  • Soda – White house
  • Tea – Green house
  • Milk – Yellow house

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